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Did you know?… How to join Salat…

sometimes we miss parts of the jamaa prayer and have to complete our salat…
… The Prophet (ﷺ) said: When you come to pray, do not come running … and whatever you catch up with, pray, and whatever you miss, complete it

Muslimah hurdles

Ramadhan – The Race

Quite a number of us work 9-5s (which of course are not exactly 9-5) and we have to keep up with quite a lot. Now add the ‘rigorous’ routine of Ramadhan – and you’ll find that if you’re not careful, you’re just running around like a headless chicken… So I asked myself what exactly is this month about? My answer- spiritual cleansing, renewal of my faith, repairing my heart and relationship with Allah; basically- salvation.

muslimah · Muslimah hurdles

Scarcity of Spouse – Myth or Reality?

… a lot of us expect to wake up one day and find Prince Charming at our doorstep ready to whisk us away (figuratively ooo… no haram please)… Well, sometimes Cinderella and Prince Charming need a little help…

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My Hijab Story – Sister H

From time to time, I’d like to share stories of hijabi sisters at different stages in their journeys across different industries and job roles. I believe this will help those of us who are still far behind…

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You never know who’s looking up to you…

we really have to be careful what we do especially as we are ambassadors and representatives of Islam….

islam says · Muslimah hurdles

What does having faith really mean?

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here in almost 2 months. I’ve been playing catch up on life… Yep… I woke up and realised I’m going to be 30 in just a few short months and I have sooo much backlog in terms of my career, self-development and entrepreneurial goals. So I literally…… Continue reading What does having faith really mean?