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Quick and easy good deeds – Sunnah Al Rawatib

Salam alaykum, A lot of times we get carried away with ‘stuff’ – the rat race called work, kids, school etc. – that we don’t get enough time to do as much da’wah as we would like. I’ve made a compilation of a few acts of ibaadah (good deeds) that won’t take as much time…… Continue reading Quick and easy good deeds – Sunnah Al Rawatib

Muslimah hurdles

Eeman-The high days and the low days

Salam alykum warahmatullah, When Christians turn over a new leaf spiritually, they call it becoming ‘born again’. I’m not sure if Muslims have a name for it but we could call it reverting to Islam in a way. When you’ve just taken this step and made the vows and promises to yourself and your Lord, you…… Continue reading Eeman-The high days and the low days


Fab Finds – Pins from Streets

Salam alaykum, So I got these pretty ‘hijab pins’ from Lagos market (Balogun) at very affordable prices and thought to share. They come in really handy as brooches for tops and blouses or a nice finishing touch for your scarf/ hijab. Happy shopping ladies. I’ll post more recession friendly finds as I come across them.…… Continue reading Fab Finds – Pins from Streets

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Date, Court… or just tie the knot?

  Salam alaykum warahmatullah,   So I googled ‘what is dating?’ and this came up – ‘go out with (someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested)’. Courtship got this result – a period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship before getting married. These are simple definitions – what’s the main difference? One…… Continue reading Date, Court… or just tie the knot?

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Gisting… or is it Backbiting?

Salaam alaykum warahmatullah, Every so often you see a group of people huddled together ‘gisting’. Gisting can be so much fun that you get carried away and don’t realise when it crosses that thin line into backbiting. We all know backbiting is a sin (even when what you are saying is true). Most of the…… Continue reading Gisting… or is it Backbiting?

Muslimah hurdles

The ‘Oga’ that doesn’t like your face…

Salaam alaykum, So there’s this madam in my office that I don’t know what i did to her o… For whatever reason she just cannot stand me. She singles me out at the slightest opportunity. Thank God I don’t work with or report to her but ah Subhanallah! she tests me. Talking to people about…… Continue reading The ‘Oga’ that doesn’t like your face…